Where the Light Enters

Visions Museum of Textile Art


The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
Changing light, changing shadows, changing colors, changing forms, changing time. These are the rhythms of nature and the seasons. Doshi’s works call us to observe the movement of the sun and the moon, to sway with the winds and tides, and to grow through our experiences of joy and sadness. As Doshi shares, “Watching this eternal dance of seasons taught me there is a time and place for everything.”
For the title of this exhibition, she turned to Rumi, who reminds us to cherish the place where the light enters. She converses with the 13th century Sufi mystic poet, pondering the essential expression of spirit and soul. In soft edges, shadows, and resonant colors, she expresses the essence of life as she sees it and gives us the opportunity to reflect on the richness of life.


Doshi aspires to “coax the festivity out of the ordinary.” Internationally renowned for textile dyeing, artwork, and wearable art designs, she spent thirty years as a costume designer for artistic and athletic events, including theater, dance, ice-skating, stunt shows, and television. In 1999, she started a line of wearable art and began exhibiting in galleries throughout the United States. Always fascinated with nature, in 2020 she turned to printing on fabric with plant leaves and flowers. She combines an exploration of shaped resist dyeing and eco-printing with a striking color palette to create work that pulsates with energy.


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