Artist Statement

For over thirty years I have designed costumes for Theatre, Dance, Ice Skating, and Stunt Shows. I have long been interested in dyeing, discharging color and manipulating fabric surfaces as an integral part of my design work.

In 1986, while doing research for a production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I came across a book on the kimonos of Itchiko Kubota and thus began my fascination with shaped resist dyeing, and the amazing combination of texture and color it creates. I incorporated Shibori techniques into the fabric design of that show and eventually started creating textiles for walls and lines of wearable art in addition to costumes.

There is a mystery revealed when the cloth is unraveled—a spontaneity and magic in the colors and shapes. The soft edges, the textures that reflect the dynamism and sensuality of life’s richness all create dynamic, graceful and evocative statements that inspire me to create expressive pieces of wearable art and textiles.

My wish is that wearing my garments will coax joy out of the ordinary – I want people to feel the same sense of adventure and energy that I had making the piece.

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