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“As I explore new possibilities in my work as an artist, I have found an essential expression of my personal and spiritual life. Color – the choosing and mixing of dyes – has become an important and defining part of my process. Rather than planning my color palettes, I work purely from instinct and intuition, allowing the colors and combinations to spring out of the process rather than imposing any one idea or schema on each project.”

“The soft edges, shapes and shadows left in the fabric, the colors that resonate with the essence of the life experience, the textures that reflect the dynamism and sensuality of life’s richness all create dynamic, graceful and evocative statements that inspire me to create personal and expressive pieces of wearable art and textiles.”


About Doshi

In Doshi’s 35 year design career she has created costumes for Theatre, Dance, Ice-Skating, Stunt Shows and TV. During that time, she worked across the United States in various venues, including Shakespeare festivals, Regional Theatres, Sound Stages, Theme Parks and Ice Rinks. She has received numerous honors and awards in design including a Themed Entertainment Award for Excellence in Costume Design for Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Doshi’s costume design is identified by her creation of the fabric for the costumes through dyeing, printing, discharging and otherwise manipulating the fabric surface. Her work in color and texture is an integral part of her design.

In 1999, Doshi took her experience in theatre and fabric into the fiber art arena and began creating wall pieces and wearable art.

Spontaneity has been recurring theme in fiber artist Doshi’s life and it has found vivacious expression in her collections of garments. She combines an exploration of shaped resist dyeing with a striking color palette to create work that pulsates with energy.

Doshi has been honored to create several solo exhibitions. Her fiber work has been seen in juried and invitational shows at the Mingei International Museum and Visions Art Museum in San Diego, The Brewhouse Arts Center in England, Palos Verdes Art Center, The International Shibori Symposium in Oaxaca, and Convergence.

Doshi is also a professor of Costume Design at California State University, Long Beach, a leading University in Theatre, where she supervises a graduate MFA program, teaching courses in costume design, patterning, tailoring, millinery, and dyeing. 



-a selected list (1997-2018)

Forms in Wood & Fiber – Mingei Intl. Museum, CA
10th Intl. Shibori Symposium – Oaxaca, Mexico
Dancing with Shadows – San Diego, CA
The Dancing Kimono – San Diego, CA
Coast to Coast – Visions Art Museum, CA
Natural Forces – Visions Art Museum, CA
Atmosphere – Brewhouse Arts Center, England, UK
Atmosphere – Newport Museum, South Wales, UK
Beyond Warp & Weft – Cannon Gallery, CA
Eclectic Threads – Oceanside Museum of Art, CA
Fiber as Medium – John Wayne Intl. Airport, CA
CA Contemporary Craft – Laguna Art Museum, CA
CA Dreaming – Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, FL
In the Grand Scheme – Grey Gallery, MI
Low/High Attitude -Univ. of CO Art Gallery, CO
The Threads of Our Lives – Santa Fe, NM
Cirque, Cirque – Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, NM
Excitement by the Yard – La Jolla, CA
Telephone Artists Connect to Artists – CA
The Subject Tonight is Love – La Jolla, CA
Changing Seasons – La Jolla, CA
CA Fibers 40 Years – San Bernardino, CA
Wearable Expressions – Palos Verdes Art Center
Winter Wearables – Katie Gingrass Gallery, WI
Ultimate Fiber: CA Connections – Wignall Museum
Design With HeArt – Textura Gallery, Carmel, CA


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Mother Earth Celebration


Baywatch; Beach Blanket Ski Party; Sizzling City Ice; World Rhythms On Ice

Voyages of Discovery

Night Crawlers


(a representative list)

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Charms; Sleepwalk; Dream Baby; Cocktails With Joey

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Nutcracker; Firebird

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Othello; Troillu And Cressida, Taming of the Shrew

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Julias Caesar; Comedy of Errors

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