She Walks In Beauty


by SPIN Members and Liz Constable
For those of you able to participate in The SPIN Festival 2018, you know what an immensely rewarding opportunity the Festival provided for us all. Many of us learned new techniques, shared our experiences and experiments with silk, explored the misty beauty of The Great Smoky Mountains, discovered the abundant range of work in the Art Exhibition and reveled in the sumptuous and spectacular garments modeled with such elegance in the Fashion Show.
Denise Stewart-Sanabria served as the independent juror and provided clear criteria for what she considered outstanding art. In her words, “Jurors look at exhibits always in different ways, and with certain subjectivities. Mine is a focus on the individual characteristics of the medium itself. I want to see the medium itself used as experimentally and successfully as possible by being itself. I want fiber to be fiber.”
And with these criteria, Doshi’s artwork received First Prize as well as the People’s Award! The December 2018 cover illustration features Doshi’s “She Walks in Beauty.” Sanabria’s juror comments are insightful: “Doshi’s work showed a complete understanding of the organic nature of the material and integrated a beautiful muted color palette with perfectly crafted wooden presentation and hanging materials. The presence of elegantly realized scale model pieces along with large wall pieces gave an interesting look into the breadth of the artist’s output.”
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