2018 Spin Festival – October 8-9, 2018

Transcendent Silk…Beyond The Ordinary
Arrowmont School of Arts – Gatlinburg, TN

This event was a huge success…a BIG thank you to all who joined us!

Shaped-resist dyeing is a textile art that is thousands of years old. In Japan it’s known as shibori, in other cultures by a variety of names—plangi, bandhani, adire, and tie-dye. While applying pressure to shaped fabrics before and during dyeing, we can create exquisite patterns of infinite variety on textiles. We looked at several resist techniques: stitching, knotting, pole-wrapping day one, and then clamping and rope wrapping day two.

This class Was for beginners and beyond. those with prior experience Were Invited to bring images of Their work (or actual pieces) to engage in dialogue about possible ideas and directions Their work might take. This Was a forum for making samples and experimenting, for enjoying and sharing that ah-ha moment as we marveled at our creations.

Materials provided:

  • Shibori samples and books
  • Handouts
  • 3 silk pieces for each participant
  • Acid dye
  • Citric Acid
  • Rubber Bands
  • Ikat tape
  • Itajimi shapes
  • Clamps
  • Patterns
  • Chop Sticks

What students Were required to bring to workshop:

  • Notebook or sketchbook and pencils
  • Particle mask or respirator
  • Water soluble fabric marking pen
  • Clear plastic ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors for clipping thread and string
  • Scissors for cutting fabric
  • Needles – eye large enough for thread but not so large that it leaves holes in your fabric
  • Thread – HEAVY DUTY – does not break easily
  • Bees Wax or Thread Heaven to wax thread
  • Wooden clothes pins
  • Large ball of sturdy string, #6 or smaller
  • Rubber, nitrile, or latex gloves
  • Silk fabric in a variety of weaves without finishes (chiffon, crepe, noil, charmeuse, etc. – you choose – each weave structure resists the dye in different ways).
  • PVC or ABS plastic plumbing pipe: 3-4″ diameter in 3′ or 4′ lengths
  • 3-4 Small 2″ and 3″ C-Clamps
  • Metal spring clamps – 4″ & 6″
  • Rope, nylon, polyester, or cotton – 1/4″ and 3/4″ in diameter. About 72″ in length
  • Plastic jars with screw lids to mix personal dye colors
  • Squeeze bottles,brushes, and pipettes or syringes to apply dye
  • Idea books/magazines/sketchbooks you have
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