Doshi Vintage Designs
I had been designing theatrical costumes—and enjoying it—for 25 years. The decision to change careers in midlife was exciting, but also frightening. I knew that I had the training, ability and desire to make one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art, but where to start?

The world of clothing design is never as easy and glamorous as it looks. From demographic and trend research, color forecasting, finding your brand’s voice and narrowing down your collection, the entire process can be overwhelming.

I was fortunate to have fellow wearable artists that helped me learn the ropes. Gallery owners willing to advise and carry my work. And the determination to be in my own studio…dyeing fabric, making patterns and creating.

I love these photos that show my original pieces and my joy in the discovery of Shibori, color and my voice as a fiber artist.
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